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Education, Awareness and Support


We are a group of concerned Kansas citizens. Many are patients with various illnesses, some are the families of patients, and others are just citizens moved by compassion to act on behalf of those who suffer.  


Our educational arm, Bleeding Kansas , Inc. is a 501(c)3, and was founded by mothers.

We call ourselves, "The Stroller Brigade." You could see us up at the capitol, pushing our children in their strollers, as we fought to educate lawmakers with research, and our patient's stories of suffering.  Information on our 501(c)3 can be found here:


Bleeding Kansas Advocates introduced the Kansas Safe Access Act in the 2016 session. Writing that bill took over a year of non-stop research.  "The legislature of the state of Kansas declares that the Kansas Safe Access Act is enacted pursuant to the police power of the state to protect the health of its citizens that is reserved to the state of Kansas and its people under the 10th amendment to the constitution of the United States ." The bill provides for the registration and operation of compassion centers, authorizes the issuance of identification cards, establishes a compassion board, and provides for administration of the act by the  Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Tax revenue is earmarked to fund public health and public mental health, health and mental health in K-12, and it funds medical cannabis research at Kansas universities and hospitals. 


We have organized to provide education, awareness and support to Kansas patients. We also seek to provide education to the Kansas public, and lawmakers, about the many issues faced by Kansas patients.



We chose the name Bleeding Kansas to hearken to the time when Kansas led the country in fighting for freedom for every individual, and for the preservation of those unalienable rights held sacred by every American. We hope that Kansas may remember, and return, to her most honorable title of  'The Free State.' 



Our Goals

-To provide education, awareness and support for Kansas patients.


-Bring public and media attention to the plight of Kansas patients currently suffering under budget cuts, bad legislation, bad policies, lack of options, lack of resources, lack of rights within medical system, and protection from prosecution for those who seek alternative treatments, such as medical cannabis. 


- Educate the public and Kansas lawmakers, on theses issues  and more, faced by Kansas patients.


-Lobby on behalf of patient focused issues, and patient rights in Kansas.

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